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I'm Steven Dash Woods


The Developer of the Virtual Jeep Dealership App and owner of Dash Brand USA  As a Member of The "THINK TANK " Amazon Developer Huddle since 2019  I am Excited to Offer the Next Generation of Automobile Advertising That will provide a unique customer experience and open the doorway to GREATER ENGAGEMENT. Improving customer experience has always been a priority for companies. However, today's unprecedented times have pushed customer engagement and retention to the TOP of industry topics. Now businesses seek to build value in every customer touchpoint with personalized experiences across every Marketing ,Service, and Supply chain.

At the heart of these efforts are streaming data and artificial intelligence models that react to events in real time- while fine-tuning each customer experience for ever  interaction with the organization. To be effective, these technical capabilities  should be developed  into a customer engagement framework based on the unique needs of each business, rather than as a " one-size-fits-all" solution.

Every Dealership currently use marketing solutions that cannot deliver the personalized marketing their customers increasingly demand. Meeting these Expectations for engaging Personalized service in EVERY ENCOUNTER requires a holistic and integrated technical framework that keeps pace with changing needs. Dash Brand USA allows this flexibility and paves the way for continuous innovation in customer engagement  for Automobile Dealerships. THIS IS A TURN KEY SERVICE, we work with your marketing team and requires nothing new on your part.

The feature is NOW.... Your customers can now engage with your Dealership while enjoying the LIVING ROOM TV EXPERIENCE  !   

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