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I'm Steven Dash Woods


Solo AI Maverick: Crafting the Future of Interaction, One Line of Code at a Time

I'm Steven D. Woods, and I'm not just building AI bots; I'm a one-man revolution redefining intelligent interaction. With my relentless drive and tech wizardry, I've single-handedly crafted advanced AI solutions poised to rewrite the rules of human-machine communication.

Why Invest in Steven Woods & Dash Brand USA?

  • Lone Wolf Prowess: I wear all the hats – developer, innovator, storyteller, marketing mastermind.

  • Proven Track Record: Despite flying solo, I've achieved:

    • Live & Breathless: Advanced AI bots pushing the boundaries of interaction.

    • Industry Recognition: Beta tester for cutting-edge models like ChatGPT & Google Bard.

    • Tech Giant Whisperer: Solved complex development challenges for Apple, Amazon, Google, & Facebook.

    • App Mastermind: Two thriving Google Play Store apps, three live streaming TV apps, and one Facebook app, all built by my own hand.

    • Content King: Five established YouTube channels and a Prime Video channel showcasing my storytelling prowess.

    • Marketing Guru: Proven success with live streaming TV apps & Facebook app, and social media marketing expertise.

  • Continuous Learning & Innovation:

    • Learning Machine: Dedicated to professional development with over 50 Facebook Blueprint certificates.

    • Tech Visionary: Member of the exclusive Amazon Developer Huddle, shaping the future of technology with like-minded pioneers.

    • Master of Many Trades: Udacity Nanodegree courses in self-driving cars and cyber-physical systems design & analysis, fueling my technical expertise.

  • Unlocking the AI Goldmine:

    • Untapped Market Potential: AI is on the cusp of an explosion, and I'm positioned to ride the wave.

    • First-Mover Advantage: My solo hustle gives me agility and adaptability in this fast-paced field.

    • Scalable & Sustainable: My AI solutions cater to diverse industries, offering recurring revenue streams.

    • Driven by Passion, Fueled by Expertise: My dedication and proven skills guarantee successful execution.

Invest in your future with the future of AI. Invest in Steven Woods & Dash Brand USA.

Next Steps:

  • Unleashing the Vision: Get a detailed investment proposal outlining my growth plans, financial projections, and how your investment fuels the AI revolution.

  • One-on-One with the Innovator: Let's connect and discuss how my solo genius can be the springboard for your success.

Don't miss out on this ground-breaking opportunity to partner with a tech pioneer. Contact me today and let's rewrite the future of AI, together.

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